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Lion’s Head United Church

The church building was erected on Main Street by our Methodist ancestors and opened on September 22, 1889.  Prior to the formal Union as the United Church of Canada in 1925, the Presbyterian Church in Lion’s Head integrated its Sunday School with the Methodists in the early 1920’s, when their own membership was declining. 

Between 1950 and 1951 the addition of the church hall was completed, and later updated in 1967. After a small fire in the front porch in 1960, plans were orchestrated to proceed with a new addition to the front of the church, giving the exterior an “attractive appearance and long-term functionality”.  Two offices and the entranceway were constructed in 1961 and the exterior was veneered in Roman rock faced bricks, at which time it was decided to brick the sides of the building as well.  The Main Street entrance and exterior was again renovated in 2009 to it’s present day façade.

In 1965, interior renovations were completed to the sanctuary and the side entranceway was built.  Highlighting the worship space is the wall of “Living Stones”, superimposed with a large cedar cross.  Members were called to bring stones to be split and placed by the stonemasons in the new panel on the west wall.  Most people contributed glacial stones from the Bruce Peninsula, but other stones arrived from the Ottawa area and as far away as Durham County, England.  At the dedication service on June 25, 1965, Rev. W. Eric Nelson delivered a sermon entitled “Living Stones” which provided the following symbolism.  The many split glacial stones in the wall represented the activity and contributions of the local congregation.  The slab stones from the Ottawa area placed randomly throughout, represented the national identify of the United Church of Canada and the contributions of our congregation to its responsibilities. And the stones from England, placed at the top of the column represented world outreach. 

Member of Lion’s Head United give thanks for the Cluster’s support and we ask for prayers from our neighbouring churches that we may continue to find ways to be “Living Stones” in our local community, our country and other parts of the world.

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