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Monthly Prayer Focus – Kemble-Sarawak United


The Kemble-Sarawak United Church is a recently amalgamated congregation, as of 2015, when the Kemble and the Sarawak United Churches joined together.  We pledged to use the income from the sale of one of the church buildings for renovations to the chosen building in Kemble for accessibility improvements.  Additional fund raising is ongoing and the construction has begun!  A lift will be installed to allow access to the lower hall as well as to the sanctuary, a spacious washroom, an office for our minister and a little added storage space.


Renovations began in June, limiting access to the sanctuary in Kemble United Church, so worship services have been held at various locations including the Gray Family’s barn, Rev. Cathy Hird’s home and Keppel Croft Gardens.  For the month of July, worship will be held at Zion United Church located on the corner of Grey Road 17 and Zion Church Road.


Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for a successful build and the safety of everyone involved.  We look forward to celebrating in the fall when all the work is complete.

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