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Hepworth-Sauble Beach Pastoral Charge


Sauble Beach United Church is the former Zion-Amabel United Church; the name was changed two years ago in order to better attract savvy social media users.    The church is part of the Hepworth Sauble Pastoral Charge; the two congregations have been in association with each other for many decades.


In the summer, Sauble undergoes significant change with thousands of tourists and campers descending on our small town.   On holiday weekends in particular, it can be quite challenging navigating the few main roads and this has an impact on our Sunday morning routine as well.   We do experience an influx of summer members during this season; quite a few of the more permanent campground residents have become regular church goers over the summer.  We are always sad to see them go around Thanksgiving time, especially our summer choir members!


Currently, our church is undergoing demographic shifts, in line with contemporary culture.  Many of our aging members are moving closer to their adult children and grandchildren, while new homeowners do not necessarily want to have a close connection to a church.  As well, our minister, Rev John G Smith, is retiring this year so our pastoral charge will be in assessment/search mode for the next few months.  We would appreciate the prayers of the cluster churches for these concerns.

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